32-404, Myasnikova str.
32-404, Myasnikova str., Minsk

32-404, Myasnikova str., Minsk

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Export leasing

Leased assets:machinery and equipment produced in Belarus
Leased asset selection: performed by Lessee
Currency of contract:USD, EUR, RUB
Leased asset cost:from 20 000 USD
Advance payment:from 15% of the cost of the object of leasing without VAT
Backing:bank guarantees, municipal guarantees, pledge, surety , buyback  transaction contract and etc.
Redemption price:from 1% of the price of the leased asset
Leasing period:up to 5 years
Lease payment cycle:on a monthly basis
Lease payments:equitable settlement  of contract cost with payment of a leasing rate
Company accounting for the assets:Lessee
Early debt repayment:not earlier than a year with possibility of  lessor`s profit recalculation on the assumption of actual period of lease
Average annual growth:from 2% of the leased asset cost
Final lease rate:
determined after consideration of the factors affecting its size: export risk, insurance, lessee financial condition, total amount of the transaction.