3/2, 30 let Pobedy str.
3/2 - 104, 30 let Pobedy str., Mogilev

3/2 - 104, 30 let Pobedy str., Mogilev

Working hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 18 pm

Friday: 9 am- 16.45 pm

Days-off: Saturday, Sunday

More information
+375 29 601 59 64

Leasing conditions

Individual leasing

Objects of leasing:

estate property, cars (GEELY)

Leased asset selection

performed by Lessee

Currency of contract


Redemption price

1% of the price of the leased asset

Advance payment

25-40% of the contract value of the leased asset (depending on object of leasing)

Leasing period

1 – 7 years (depending on object of leasing)

Lease payment

on a monthly basis

Early debt repayment

not earlier then a year with possibility of lessor`s profit recalculation on the assumption of actual period of lease